Humble Contributions to the Peoples' History

When I think about the past, I get a warm feeling. Wistfully, I fondly remember things of the past . . . old photographs, a typewriter, my grandmother’ quilts, my father’s train set from the 1920s. Sometimes the scene is recreated for us, such as an old general hardware store or train station.  There’s something quaint in those scenes that’s missing today. Despite all of our technology and modern gadgets, objects from yesteryear carry with them the skill and creativity that is still valued. The objects are embedded with memories. We never know what will stay with us and what will be gone some day.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

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  2. I remember that train very well. A trip to a train shop would get that engine the headlight it deserves. The Christmas light bulb is unique however.

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    • Hi Janet, That was the only headlight I ever saw. Never occurred to me there could be an appropriate headlight for it! lol Thanks for calling attention to his overlooked detail. ; )


  3. Very interesting and beautiful pictures!!
    Somehow amongst all toys, everyone has special love and affection for train sets!! 🙂 I too have a train set and hope it too will be considered as ‘antique’ someday 🙂
    Love your grandfather’s train set 🙂
    The theme of your post is very nostalgic on its own and you represented it beautifully!! 🙂

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