Humble Contributions to the Peoples' History

Political Philosophy

Frances Whittington, Honoree, Chester Democratic Committee

My friend, Frances, is honored by the Chester Democratic Committee, May 14, 2011.  

Anarcho-Syndicalism:  What is that?

A brief review of anarcho-syndicalism, the connection to the Industrial Workers of the World and the urn that I created for Joe Hill’s ashes.

Train of Hope

Two trains, one in 1968 and the other in 2009 and how the power of hope and action from the people is what will create progressive political change.


Egyptian protests of 2011 inspired me to create this video commemorating uprisings and popular movements and to those who stood together, against all odds, for their belief in freedom.

Music: You’re the Voice

Swarthmore College Living Wage and Democracy Campaign

For five years a dedicated groups of students, staff and faculty worked tirelessly to pressure the College administration to raise the base wage. We won a victory with a $10.38 minimum wage (2006).

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