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Passengers & Crew~Star Clipper Grand Voyage Lisbon to Athens, 2015

Trailer for Star Clipper Blog

Greetings, Seafarer Friends!

Hope everyone has made a safe return to their home ports, although I know that some have continued with their next adventure.

I’ve created this page for crew and passenger photos and videos. What a genuine pleasure to share this journey with you!  Please feel free to download any that you wish; if you publish, credit is:

The narrative is a work in progress, but just about finished at this link: Lisbon to Athens: Grand Voyage if the Star Clipper. Any comments will be greatly appreciated. If you have any pictures to share, my email is

Smooth sailing,

Your Clipper Mate, Kae


Video Clips: Talent Show, Dancing, the Nets

Comments on: "Passengers & Crew~Star Clipper Grand Voyage Lisbon to Athens, 2015" (4)

  1. This looks wonderful. A good friend of mine has boat. He octet his himself as a charter. He not happy unless he’s on the water. He’s started out a friend of my son and then I became mom. I meet him when I lived in Key West. At least I get to follow his travels on facebook but have never had a chance to sail with him. You’re lucky! It looks like so much fun.

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