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Discard or Restore?: Bistro Patio Set

Forty Years of Service: Time to Go?

The chairs and table sat on the patio in a state of disrepair for several years until I could no longer ignore that they were falling apart. The seats had deteriorated as water had seeped into the cushions and disintegrated the wood bases.  However, the metal foundations were intact with only a few rust spots. After pricing several similar sets on the Internet, the  decision became obvious: restore. Here’s the breakdown of expenses and effort (other materials on hand):

Plywood for bases: $5.97

Fabric (on sale): $14.95

Spray cans: $11.16

Total: $32.08

Swirls characterized the paisley fabric so decided to emphasize the metal scrollwork on the chairs and tables by painting them white. This step involved more work in masking and repainting by hand and not spray painting the entire set.  Total hours in restoration: 4.5.

Kitty admires new seating

Satisfaction in restoration: priceless.

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