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I was combing through our home videos from the mid-1980s and came across this game that the children played at one of our birthday parties. Musical chairs started as the game concept but with a twist–while still taking away a chair, all children stay in the game as they “share” the remaining chairs when the music stops. Rather than being excluded one by one, all the children can enjoy the entire game and no losers! Did the kids like this new version? Video tells the story.

More cooperative games here.

Comments on: "Children’s Non-Competitive Birthday Game: Musical Chairs" (3)

  1. I’ve played this as an adult to understand how less stressful it is for children than the competitive version. Cooperative games teach compassion.


  2. psalmboxkey said:

    Yes, and the magic is shown through the children’s joy in the game so they associate cooperation with a positive experience. Thanks for you comment.


  3. […] someone’s lap. As the game goes on, more and more kids will be sitting on top of each other. (See this great video of a bunch of kids playing this version of the game back in the […]

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