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Children’s Non-Competitive Birthday Game: Musical Chairs

I was combing through our home videos from the mid-1980s and came across this game that the children played at one of our birthday parties. Musical chairs started as the game concept but with a twist–while still taking away a chair, all children stay in the game as they “share” the remaining chairs when the music stops. Rather than being excluded one by one, all the children can enjoy the entire game and no losers! Did the kids like this new version? Video tells the story.

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Summer’s Day 1987: Reflections on Parenting 25 Years Later

After twenty-five years, we have finally started to digitalized our home movies. Watching one of these videos of our children playing with their cousins on a vacation at Cape May Point, New Jersey, has left me reflecting on unconscious imprinting on our children.

Our children saw us with our cameras almost everyplace we went. As the video shows, we even took pictures of us taking pictures! I didn’t realize the impact all that photography might have had on the children until I viewed these home movies. In the last clip in the video above our daughter says, “I want to do what you’re doing, Daddy.” At six she knew that her parents liked their cameras. Is it just a coincidence she became a professional photographer?

What about her cousin, James who became cinematographer by profession? The videos on the beach show that his Daddy had a telephoto lens for his camera.

Now as adults all the children use photography in one way or another.

Parents model many things, but what seems to stay with kids are those activities which they see as bringing their parents the most joy.

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