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On the Way: Weekly Photo Challenge

On a recent voyage of the Star Clipper, a full-rigged barquetine sailing ship, the vessel pushed off from the Lisbon dock and began a series of maneuvers. Rather than heading directly out to sea and under the Vasa de Gama Bridge, Star Clipper sailed in the opposite direction, only to complete a full circle and begin the exercise again. The ship found its way to the open sea as the engineer consulted the sextant.

Checking Sextants

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way



A wind carves concave sails against the sky
Above I see clouds and sun alternating
in revealing themselves. I hear new waves
being born in the ship’s rushing wake.
And I feel the bow undulating
into the sun’s reflection of a churning sea.
All this, and beneath me a silent life
streams on into eternity.
Written to Captain Bruno and his Crew, Revised


Word Press Photo Challenge Afloat

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