Humble Contributions to the Peoples' History

After taking some time to photograph hosta leaves, this little spider popped out from behind a stem. I couldn’t figure out why the spider appeared carrying a soccer ball until I did some research. Turns out she is a Nursery Web Spider, appropriately named, who carries her egg case wherever she goes. I had to admire her facility moving through the leaves with no trouble. I imagined myself trying to carry an object half my size over hill and dale. Eventually mommy spider builds a nursery tent for her egg sac when hatching time arrives and guards it protectively.

Spider with Egg Case

Weekly Photo Challenge

Comments on: "Close-Up, Spider with Soccer Ball?: Weekly Photo Challenge" (9)

  1. Have ball, will travel.

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  2. Such an effort but worth appreciating. How these creatures teach us wise lessons!

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  3. If a woman were proportionately pregnant, she’d be enormous!!! Great catch.


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