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The photo challenge for this week is to share a photograph that either shows weight or the air of weightlessness.  This memory came to mind: a time when I was walking through the plazas of Madrid.  Street theater is entertainment at its best: varied, unexpected, usually humorous and contributions are voluntary–defying the boundaries of standard entertainment venues. Street theater is democratic, as actors can decide, independent of usual restraints, to perform whatever they like. Since no tickets are required, the audience receives the benefit of a free show. Defying both gravity and convention–fascinating.

defying gravity

Head amiss

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless


Comments on: "Photo Challenge: Weight(less) . . . Defying Gravity and Convention" (9)

  1. I’m still trying to work out how that young woman got up there but I want to believe she’s just sitting there, floating above the pavement. x

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  2. Nice shots for this challenge, Kae.

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