Humble Contributions to the Peoples' History

A trip to the Philadelphia Zoo provided a great opportunity to photograph the animals close up.  J. R. Blackwell provided guidance as well as her own interpretation to most of these shots. Click to enlarge as the details are extraordinarily better in the larger format.  Thanks for offering your choice!

Comments on: "Pick a photograph: Which do you like best?" (6)

  1. Richard said:

    They’re all gorgeous! It’s very hard to pick out just one.


  2. Why just one? How about “this is my favorite, no, no THIS is my favorite. On the other hand , this one is just great.


  3. OK, I have to look at them again.


  4. Well, the crowned pigeon had a striking color. When viewed in full size, a powerful impact.


  5. Very hard to choose just one, they are all so exceptional in their clarity and pose – particularly that (shudder) snake. But if I have to-have to – it’s the Victoria crowned pigeon


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