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New Shoes

When I think of new, what comes to mind is shoes. Purchasing new shoes is often at a benchmark time in our lives. The baby begins walking and before stepping out into the world, must have a new pair of shoes. Before the first day of school arrives, parents shoe up their kids for a fresh start. For the bride, putting on the shoes is the final step as she prepares to walk into a new life with her partner. There are those times, however, when shoes become the outfit and if nothing else, well, it’s just fun to wear a new pair.

Weekly Photo Challenge: New

Comments on: "New Shoes" (8)

  1. Fun response – love your choices, especially the kids’ shoes!

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  2. Shoes are just one of those things that can completely change the way you hold yourself, both in a mental and physical way!

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    • Before posting, did some research on shoes, and seems that many shoes are not designed efficiently for walking. BTW, like your website, as I recycle/repurpose . . . whatever we can do to keep stuff out of landfills.


  3. I have big brother and when I was a kid, my shoes were his old shoes. 🙂 So buying new shoes every time definitely is a bliss for me. 🙂

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