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I’ve thought of several ideas on helping the environment and finally inspired to carry through and write down suggestions after reading a Daily Kos article, Two Small Changes in the Bathroom Could Improve the Environment and Your Health by Laura Clawson.

1. Add water to just about everything, especially when soaps and cleaners have a small amount left. Yes, probably shouldn’t add water in some cases, but if you can think about diluting where might be proper, do so. Detergents get thick at the bottom and adding water and shaking vigorously stirs up a lot of extra product.

2. Cut toothpaste and other tubes in half. I’ve managed to get two extra weeks out of a cut tube of toothpaste.

3. While making purchases, don’t use plastic bags for anything you can put in your pocket or purse. Have large reusable bags handy in the car and use for all of your shopping trips, not just to the grocery store. As our family was driving through the Delaware countryside, I noticed plastic bags stuck in the fields, ditches, trees and streams. We could organize crews to clean up, but far better that as consumers, we decide not to use plastic bags.

4. Think about the right measure to use for each product. Corporations may promote bigger portions to sell more. I realized that I don’t need to take a big swig of mouth wash. A little bit does the same job. A judicial amount of shampoo gets the job done and less soap goes down the drain.

5. No recyclable trash cans nearby? Carry home bottles and recycle.

You’ve probably figured a few things to do that help the environment. Please contribute to the list, as these serve as reminders or new approaches to consider.

Every bit helps and a few steps we take together mount up to big savings for humanity and our planet.

Protester, Philadelphia 2013

Protester, Philadelphia, 2013

Comments on: "Save the Environment: 5 Easy Steps We Can do Now to Help Out" (2)

  1. It’s helpful reminders like this that can really improve people’s behaviour.


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