Humble Contributions to the Peoples' History


over 500 children a year will walk into oblivion from gun fire

The Ethics of Gun Control: Answering to a Higher Calling

The Dalai Lama equates ethical behavior and non-harming. Ethical conduct avoids suffering. We will achieve true happiness when our actions reflect compassion and do not hurt others.

How do we think about situations in which our happiness conflicts with the happiness of others? Does our happiness cause others hurt or anxiety, and in turn does that hurt to others come to haunt us? We must come face to face with how our actions and desires affect our fellow human beings. We must remain compassionate and carefully consider how even sacred traditions and long-held beliefs may be detrimental to others. This rethinking takes time and calls for the rejection of many thoughts and understandings that we might hold dear to us. We might consider how our past entitlements have caused injury or hurt to others or to ourselves.

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