Humble Contributions to the Peoples' History

Really. I’ve never experienced anything like this. The only sensation I get from food is texture, and I have become keenly aware of those variations. A crouton crunches down to what resembles saw dust. A cherry tomato squirts a flavorless liquid. Rice pudding has a creamy feel with lumps. Spinach, well, basically, it’s just about eating leaves.

Of course, I Googled the problem, but the causes didn’t match.  Radiation to the mouth, no; tooth decay, no; acid reflux, no; aging . . . .well, maybe, but this lack of taste came on rather suddenly.

Several days went by; I Googled again with the word “aftertaste” as now I seemed to be experiencing a metallic taste. Again, none of the causes seems to fit. One site mentioned the effects of eating pine nuts–metallic after taste.  But I hadn’t eaten any pine nuts. I checked with my husband who is the cook in the house. “We haven’t had any pine nuts in the last several days, right?”

“Oh, yes we did–last Thursday I poured the entire package into the spaghetti sauce!

no pining for these nuts

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