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Photo Challenge: 1,000 Trillion Connections

Almost everyone in Philadelphia is familiar with the walk-through papier-mâché heart that has been a centerpiece display at the Franklin Institute for over fifty years. Inspired by that iconic heart, the Institute constructed the Neural Climb, an 18-foot-tall climbing structure, accompanied by sound and psychedelic lighting. The exhibit creates for children an opportunity to explore a web of interconnecting tubes, helping them to understanding the neuron signaling of our brain.

We are born with about 100 billion neurons, already with 50 trillion connections! In the first few months of life, synapses multiply, and by three years old, the toddler has made about 1,000 trillion connections.

Understanding these large numbers is probably more than we can comprehend, but like the child in the neural climb, we know our brains are amazing connectors.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

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