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Photo Challenge: From Every Angle, Above and Below on the Chesapeake Bay

For the past few years, I’ve been flying over the Chesapeake Bay. This was a route that I frequently drove, so I have photographs of many of these places along the route. I’m always amazed about the flying experience, that I have this incredible opportunity to see the earth from the vantage point of thousands of feet in the air. Sitting in a window seat, I grab my camera to capture the views. I unfold maps, following the coastlines of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia as I attempt to identify the locations below that are familiar to me. Rivers and streams snake across the landscape as the sun reflects the light from the water. The land is divided in a patchwork of shades of green and brown. It’s a perspective that stays with me as the plane returns to the planet

Tangier Island

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Ocean City, Maryland

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Cape Henlopen, Delaware

Cape Henlopen, Delaware

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

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