Humble Contributions to the Peoples' History

Lisbon Tram

The Lisbon trams, once drawn by horses, have a steampunk quality, with their 20th century fittings and polished wood. The vintage cars, built over seventy years ago, sport bright yellow paint. Trams jounce (made up word that best describes the motion) through cobbled streets and narrow alleys, like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride from Disneyland–with sudden turns, avoiding what would seem to result in an inevitable crash. The tram wheels, positioned at the center of the car and not at the ends, make the trolley seem to float over the tracks.

What’s the ride like?  . . . .

Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

Comments on: "Photo Challenge: Narrow . . . Streets of Lisbon by Tram" (5)

  1. John H said:

    Oh, for the simple times again. It looks like such a great place, If you could sneak me in the luggage next time you go somewhere that would be nice. You seem to do such neat things and are willing to try just about anything, let me know when you are going Bungee Jumping, I really looking forward to that film. Couple of dates for you if you would like to come if your not traveling. September 10 & 11, Wilmington & Western RR, October 1 & 2, Rising Sun, Md, and October 8 & 9, Mullica Hill. Another event you have not been to is one called Historic Soldiers Weekend in Pennsville, NJ. It is at Fort Mott State Park just outside of Pennsville, an old coastal defense fort on the Delaware River where soldiers from all era’s of war come to show the life and times of our country in times of war and what our men of those times went through for the protection of this country.

    As Always, A Friend Always,
    John H

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    • Hi John, thanks for the kind words, and I will let you know about the bungee jumping! lol Also, thanks for the reminders about the Civil War reenactments. Have such nice memories of those events in the past. Best wishes, your friend, K


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