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Coat in closet

I often purchase clothing that I believe is a great buy: on sale, has all the right elements of color and style, yet when I bring it home, the item remains hanging in the closet, with the tag still attached.

I found a coat in the bowls of my sister’s storage closet. I pulled it from the other temporary cast offs, attracted by the color and velvety fabric. I said to my sister, “It looks like it has possibilities.” And immediately tried it on. For six years the coat stayed in the closet. Was it time to release it from its confinement?

The coat felt heavy, and in response, I slumped my shoulders. The sleeves were too long and there was too much padding on the shoulders. Still, I checked it out in the mirror hoping it might recover if only I hem it or take in or something! In the end, all I could do was laugh with the realization that this coat would return into the back closet.

What do you think? Is this redeemable? Or should I pass it to a thrift shop? Or would this be best on a chair? Post your comment below and let me know what you would do.

Comments on: "Fashion faux pas: Wear the coat or reupholster a chair?" (10)

  1. Oh, I can see why you pounced on this! It’s so luxurious! You’re right that it needs a little work though… It’s maybe a bit long, and the sleeves definitely need to be turned up. I’m also (*treads on eggshells*) not sure if the colour is right for you… I think a deep midnight blue might suit you better. Ask a friend you trust for a second opinion – it could be a great excuse to treat yourself to a new coat that makes you feel like a million dollars 😉

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  2. Peter Schreiner said:

    Personally, I find it quite femininity fashionable in the most genteel nature, not that I’d wear it myself though, mind you.

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  3. It would make very nice pillows!

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  4. I think it’s terrific – quirky, individual and quite unique. No to a chair, yes to wearing it.

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  5. Hi. I think you could look up the current fashions in India and Pakistan. Such gowns/ coats can be teamed with skirts (lehengas) or loose trousers (palazzos) or fitting pants (pajamis). Or use it as a house coat.

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