Humble Contributions to the Peoples' History

Before I began posting on the Weekly Challenge, my photographs remained in their digital library, gathering electronic dust. The photo challenge, with the encouragement and suggestions of another photographer, inspire me to go back and take a second look at photos that never made it on a blog page. The challenge also provides an opportunity to view other photographer’s interpretation of the theme, which help to form new artistic approaches to taking pictures. The challenge presents the incentive to look for a photographic opportunity to fit the theme.

Once in a blue moon, I take a photograph of the blue moon, July 31, 2015.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inspiration

Comments on: "Weekly Photo Challenge is My Inspiration" (12)

  1. LaVagabonde said:

    Wow, you managed to capture the tint. When I looked at the moon that night, but it was its normal yellow color.

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  2. The moon really is quite mesmerizing

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  3. I have to agree with you on photos gathering electronic dust. I actually just took the dust off of my camera to start snapping pics ☺ Loved this picture!

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  4. said:

  5. Beautiful capture.

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