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Friday, April 6, 2012, at approximately 09:18:42 pm.

The April full moon is also known as the Full Pink Moon, which was named for the herb moss pink, or wild ground phlox, one of the earliest flowers of the spring. Many other pink flowers bloom in April as well as blossoms on the trees. In just a short walk around the neighborhood,  I was able to photograph nature’s many variations of pink.

The moon, like a flower
In heaven’s high bower
With silent delight
Sits and smiles on the night.
                     ~ William Blake

Flowers in the video, in order of appearance: Lilac, Crab Apple, Redbud, Pink Dogwood, Tulip, Cherry, Crab Apple with Chickadee, Rhododendron

Comments on: "April’s Pink Moon" (7)

  1. i like the way you play with the image–creative-thank you i also do a lot with the moon


    • psalmboxkey said:

      Thanks! Too cloudy here to get good photos of the super moon in May. Any good shots from where you are?


      • yes–i do get good conditions most of the time–been very clear here lately but working so much not out for the moon–also find that i get more fun shots when the moon on the wax or wane–her damaged face comes to better light–i have two images upo of the moon on my blog at the moment–hope you get to see them
        thank you Will


  2. A lovely neighbourhood to live in. I didn’t know some of these flowers. What is the bird?


  3. psalmboxkey said:

    Thought it might be a good idea, then, to include the names of the flowers and birds. I’m just discovering the camera’s amazing ability to get close ups and trying to figure out how to capture birds that flit around.


  4. Joi Chen said:

    Hello, I love the picture of the moon made by you. If you don’t mind, please let me use it as a card background image. I am very grateful.

    Liked by 1 person

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