Humble Contributions to the Peoples' History

The photo challenge for this week is inspired by this quote:

One love refers to the universal love and respect expressed by all people for all people, regardless of race, creed, or color.

The Urban Dictionary

Folks can express that love in unconventional and humorous ways.  This sign on Lebowski Bar window in Reykjavik, Iceland, offers such respect. Some of our politicians (I’ll let you fill in the blanks) would not pass muster for the criteria for entrance.


More on my recent post: Iceland, Land of Frost and Fire.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love

Comments on: "Photo Challenge: One Love" (17)

  1. LOVE this!!!

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  2. It would behoove more businesses to post that!

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  3. Nice sign. It’s great that the business owners have taken a stand. xo

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  4. Gary Tapp said:

    Kae: I really enjoyed the Iceland blog. Both the photos and the writing are beautiful!

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  5. I think this is the best entry I’ve seen so far to the One Love WPC 🙂

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  6. […] Psalmboxkey’s Blog Photo Challenge: One Love […]

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  7. I LOVE the sign – we should post it everywhere!!! Great choice.

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